"The Good Life" | 2004 | oil | 18 x 24 inches | Bermant Collection

Illuminations: Ones to Watch

Utah-based landscape artist G. Russell Case returns, in a timeless fashion, to the vistas of southern Utah. Case’s artistic vision, suffused in a deep and knowing passion with insight of the places he portrays, seems to invoke the masters of the past. Through onsite observations, field studies and single-minded inspiration, his landscapes suggest a learned simplicity in his subjects. Case’s intention is apparent in each piece. Painting not only what he sees but into what he sees, his eye perching on his own reality, Case adds his own brush to that of nature’s expansiveness, not reinventing but embellishing that which lies before him.

In the tradition of Thomas Moran, he pursues the path of romanticism, bringing forward the splendor and resounding beauty of an unspoiled view with a subtle oil palette. There is the soft use of line, light and shadow that reveal more than actual sense of place. It is the landscape magnified.     

Case is represented by the Mitchell Brown Fine Art Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Bingham Gallery in Mount Carmel, Utah; the John DeAtomaso Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; the Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico; the Montana Trails Gallery in Bozeman, Montana; the Michael Hollis Gallery in Pasadena, California and the David Erickson Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah. His work has been sold at the Butterfield Auction in Los Angeles, and Santa Fe Art Auction. Case has paintings in the collection of The Springville of Museum of Fine Art in Springville, Utah, as well as The Phippen Museum of Fine Art in Prescott, Arizona.

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