Modern Screen | $6,800| 96 x 144 x 36 inches

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Modern Screen by Jesse Small

With a dual major in sculpture and ceramics, artist Jesse Small explores the idea of “decoration,” believing that the word itself is deceptively benign. Throughout his 20-year career creating art around the world, he’s found it fascinating that in other cultures “ideas have survived rough times by hiding in decoration.” This sculptural screen speaks to his ideas with unmeasured enthusiasm. Its bright color is refreshing, and Small’s belief that “space is the most interesting material” is evident in its curves and windows. We also agree with Small when he says, “Decoration wants to be everywhere, equally, at once.”


96 x 144 x 36 inches


Maynard Dixon’s American West: Along the Distant Mesa by Mark Sublette

Collectors of Western art are likely well acquainted with the name Maynard Dixon, for he’s a favorite among those who prefer a modern approach to painting. But perhaps the fact that Dixon was acquaintanced with the likes of Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Robert Henri, Diego Rivera, and Frida Kahlo is lesser known. In his new book, Maynard Dixon’s American West: Along the Distant Mesa, author Mark Sublette reveals tales of the artist’s travels through Western territories for more than 40 years. One will learn that Dixon helped pass the bond initiative for the Golden Gate Bridge and determined its final red finish, a color he described as “eye-fetching.” If you love this famed artist, you’re sure to enjoy this informative book.



11.25 x 11 inches



Painted Pillows by Arin Waddell

Made from original paintings, we are excited by the idea of “Art off the Wall,” a pillow collection featuring the original works of Arin Waddell. These high-quality pillows add artfulness to any room and are sure to be conversation starters. Beautiful but sturdy, they’re printed on eco-canvas, backed with hand-picked velvet or chenille, and finished with a concealed zipper. We love that they are generous in size and filled with down. As the daughter of painter Theodore Waddell, Arin never planned to be an artist but found herself naturally drawn to it. New work by the father-daughter duo will appear at Visions West in Bozeman, Montana, opening August 9 and continuing through September 6.


24 x 24 inches


Cowhide Chair by The Arrangement

It’s not every day that you see something and instantly love it. This cowhide chair, made of victory oak, is a beauty. The wood grain is enhanced by an ebony wash that complements the black and white hide. What’s special about this chair, other than its good looks, is that the curved armrests and cushions are ergonomically designed. The legs are capped in bronze, adding the perfect finishing touch. This comfortable classic is from the Open Range Ranch collection by The Arrangement. “Black and white is the new ranch look, just add red accents,” says Katherine Snedeker, owner and designer.


36 x 28 x 28 inches



Dahlia Chandelier by Charles Loomis

The lovely beachfront city of Kirkland, Washington, offers not only breathtaking scenery but also inspiration to many, including Charles Loomis who began creating glassworks in his studio in 1968. Though his brilliant chandeliers hang in five-star hotels around the world, it’s not necessary to go to Dubai, Bangkok, or Hong Kong to see them. Why not hang one in your own home? The inspiration for this chandelier came from Loomis’ favorite flower that blooms annually in his garden. However, it wasn’t easy to recreate the dahlia in glass; he and his team had to develop a method to emboss each petal. The results were more than pleasing. “I remember the amazing day we lit the first dahlia — it was more beautiful than I envisioned,” Loomis says. Available in sheer amber or clear crystal, we love it for its pizazz.

Starting at $14,027

From 24 to 84 inches wide

Retail:; 562.439.5626

Trade industry:; 800.755.0471


Live-Edge Dining Table and Chairs by Earl Nesbitt

With a rich background in furniture making, Earl Nesbitt designed and handcrafted this one-of-a-kind dining set. Steeped in the traditions of the New Hope, Pennsylvania, community of furniture makers, Nesbitt carefully chooses materials that showcase the wood’s natural beauty — in this case, Sonoran honey mesquite and American black walnut. His clients are quick to praise the designer; one noted that the chair Nesbitt created for him was “not only a work of art but … also an engineering masterpiece.” Working from his Albuquerque, New Mexico, studio, Nesbitt designs styles from contemporary to Art Deco and Western, often collaborating with clients. We love the “wow factor” of the chairs that surround and accent the table’s rare shape.


Table: 90 x 44 x 30 inches

Chairs: 19 x 22 x 52.5 inches



Bubble Wrap Moon Cuff by Cody Sanderson

If you love innovative works rooted in traditional ideas, we think you’ll love the sterling silver creations of Cody Sanderson. His work has been called playful at times, and Sanderson, of Diné (Navajo) and Hopi ancestry, seeks to be innovative in his process. A recipient of a prestigious fellowship from the Smithsonian, he also received best of show from the Heard Museum for his sterling silver Rubik’s Cube. Sanderson’s Bubble Wrap Moon bracelet, decorated with stars, is a good example of his spirited take on this Western tradition.




Luna Overnight Bag by Woven & Hyde

We like Woven & Hyde’s products and their business practices. The U.S. company sources materials for their bags, purses, and wallets in Guatemala. Then, each item is made in small shops or homes in the country’s rural areas. We love this travel bag with its tough, full-grain leather. But we also love those covered in huipil, an embroidered fabric, and hand-loomed alfombra, which is a kind of carpet. No two are ever alike. Woven & Hyde takes the woven part of their name from the concept of interlacing, locking together, and supporting one
another, which is just what the company does.

$268 to $368

24 x 16 inches

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