6th Annual SLOPOKE Western Art Rodeo

The SLOPOKE Western Art Rodeo takes place October 8 and 9 in Pismo Beach, California.

In its 6th year, the SLOPOKE Western Art Rodeo has been reorganized as a standalone business venture with participating artists and sculptors, who are juried in and on-site to present their art to viewers. The SLOPOKE is a museum-quality fine art show. A different type of show, this is an art event for artists and an experience for art lovers and collectors. Renowned artists JoAnn Peralta, jurist, and Denis Milhomme, guest artist, lead a group of talented, well-known artists who present their work.

Established in 2011, the SLOPOKE Western Art Rodeo got its unique name from SLO (for San Luis Obispo County, California) POKE (cowpoke) Western Art (a popular genre or style of art) and Rodeo (Spanish for a gathering and exhibition of skills). For five successful years, the SLOPOKE has defied a challenging economic climate. In 2015, the Buffalo Head Nickel was the event icon for the 5th anniversary show. Western art collectors continue to be drawn to the beaches and vineyards of SLO County to enjoy buying quality Western art. 

The SLOPOKE Western Art Rodeo is an experience for art lovers and collectors, which many now believe has the legs to become a legacy event half way between Los Angeles and San Franciso. LIVE AUCTION OF ART AND BBQ SATURDAY NIGHT AT 5pm -7pm. Don't miss this one when the Central Coast is at it's best.  It is the biggest and best art event on the California coast.  For a list of participating artists, go here. Visit the event website for more details and information or phone 805.773.8057.

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