Taylor Piggott Gallery Announces the Miraculous Staircase, an Exhibition with Artis Lance Letscher

Exhibition Dates: 26 April 2019 – 8 June 2019
Artist Reception: Friday, May 10th 2019, 6-8pm

Tayloe Piggott Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new collage works by Austin based artist Lance Letscher.Ceaselessly creative, Letscher makes detailed poetic mirages that weave together bits of imagery into a captivating whole. This exhibition showcases Letscher’s latest exploration of the wild, vivid colors that originate from mid-20th century print publications. An artist reception to celebrate this exhibition will be held Friday, May 10th from 6-8pm. All are invited to attend.

The thesis of Letscher’s latest body of work is found within the brilliant colors of his materials. Each collage is covered in cutout flowers and plants, giving the compositions a distinctive spirit. Unlike other imagery, flowers and plants are subsumed by their property of color. This brings an intensity to Letscher’s work that is unique and powerful. Engulfing the viewer, each work naturally evokes the emotions of love, hope, and happiness due to a flower’s symbolism. Representing rebirth and growth, flowers inherently uplift our spirits.

The intensity of the colors within Letscher’s compositions are directly related to the time period from which he sourced his materials. Spending hours upon hours searching for rare print publications from the 1940s-1970s, this body of work showcases an unbelievable quality of color. Without the technology that we use today, past print productions had much more time surrounding the printing process. Often the images were hand colored, giving them an artful depth and vividness. These images captivate the audience. A castle, a cactus, a bed of beautiful flowers, all entwine together and encourage each viewer to construct his or her own narrative. Letscher views this as his role; to create a structure that inspires imaginative contemplation.

Lance Letscher currently live and works in Austin, Texas. He attended the University of Texas where he received both his Bachelor of Fine Arts and his Master of Fine Arts. His work has been in solo exhibitions in Texas, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Switzerland and Barcelona. His work is included in both public and private collections around the country including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX; the McNay Museum of Art in San Antonio, TX; and the Austin Museum of Art, Austin, TX. Letscher’s work has been reviewed in Art in America, the New York Observer, and Harper’s Magazine, among other publications. A full-length monograph of his work, Lance Letscher: Collage, was published in 2009.

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