From the Publisher: A reflection on Change

This past weekend, I had the luxury of an afternoon mountain bike ride along the Tahoe Flume Trail. It was a welcomed few hours of solitude on a Saturday, thanks to an understanding wife who was willing to single parent two wild bear cubs for an afternoon. As I rode through a high-altitude aspen grove, a sudden gust of wind created an otherworldly storm of swirling bright yellow leaves. It was one of those rare, spine-tingling moments only found in nature, and one that keeps coming back into my thoughts. I keep reflecting on those leaves and about changes big and small.

In particular, I’ve been thinking about the journey that we’ve been on with WA&A, and the changes that lie ahead. Our art director, Karen Schmidt, has been with us since the inception of the magazine almost 12 years ago. Prior to that, she served as the art director for our sister publication, Big Sky Journal, for several years.

I think our readers will agree that Karen is an artist in her own right. She holds onto an extremely rare talent, making this publication stand out among all the others on a visual level. Somehow, issue after issue, she has created something beautiful and compelling, giving space to others more easily recognized as artists. But the reality is that she has been an artist in the truest sense of the word the entire time. For this, we express our gratitude to Karen as she moves on to her next adventure. We also welcome Dominique Fultz, another rare talent in the field of graphic design, on board to help us to grow into the next seasons.

I’d like to personally thank all those who diligently subscribe to and read WA&A. Over the years, it has been exhilarating to discover, research, and share these unique stories that, we hope, brings inspiration into your lives.

Writing this letter, just as fall makes its way toward winter, feels somehow appropriate. After all, this time of year, on the heels of a new year, always seems to represent a season of change and a time for reflection.

All the Best,

Jared Swanson, Publisher

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