Editor’s Note

From the desk of Christine Rogel

Editor’s Note: Western Epilogue

February | March 2017       Written By Christine Rogel      

Everyone has a perspective of the West. From glorified visions to vague notions, it’s a place with thematic potential “as vast as any horizon.” Perhaps more than other regions, the…

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Editor’s Note: Individual Perspectives

August | September 2016       Written By Christine Rogel      

“Art is the projection of the imagination and should be free of trying to find a reason or meaning for a subject. This, together with a murmuration of thoughts and…

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In Flight

February | March 2016       Written By Carter G. Walker      

I’ve never been one for goodbyes. But I’m older now. A mother. A daughter. A partner and friend. And I know they come whether we want them to or not.…

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From the Editor: Finding the Secrets

June | July 2015       Written By Carter G. Walker      

There is something jarring about finding the right distance from which to take in a masterpiece, then managing to shut out the rest of the world; but instead of standing on…

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Editor’s Note: The Art of Observation

December 2016 | January 2017       Written By Christine Rogel      

“We met an old man and his wife who collected some of the greatest sculptures in the world,” says collector Kathryn Walt Hall. “He told us that art made him…

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Editor’s Note: Artful Experiences

June | July 2016       Written By Christine Rogel      

“Art is an experience, not an object.” A friend recently reminded me of this Robert Motherwell quote while discussing the moment he first discovered fine art. It was perhaps the…

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October | November: Editor’s Note

October | November 2015       Written By Carter G. Walker      

It first appeared as a parenthetical note in his 1944 poem, “A Sort of Song,” and then again two years later in Paterson: No ideas but in things. William Carlos…

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Editor’s Note: Celebrating 10 Years

October | November 2016       Written By Christine Rogel      

What is Western Art? When the West was first being discovered, this question could be answered simply. Western art documented a new frontier. Today, that same definition applies but perhaps…

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Editor’s Note: Western Reverie

April | May 2016       Written By Christine Rogel      

When I spoke with collector J.P. Bryan for this issue, I was struck by his passion for the history of the Western United States. It was infectious, and through Bryan’s…

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From the Editor: Our place in the West

December 2015 | January 2016       Written By Carter G. Walker      

In The White Album, Joan Didion wrote about place. “A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it,…

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